Our Beers

Village Brewer recipes brewed at Hambleton Ales.

Hambleton Ales have been Brewing our Beers since November 1992. Brewing to the specifications of Village Brewer, Hambleton have taken care of the Brewing and Marketing of these fine Ales ever since. Although Village Brewer was always about finding its own brewery, the retail sector has always been its main thrust with great places like NumberTwenty2, Blind Jack’s (Now sold) and The Crown Inn at Manfield. White Boar, Bull Premium, Zetland Pale and Old Raby are Village Brewer Brands along with the “Sub-brand”… BrewTwenty2! BrewTwenty2 beers are brewed on site at NumberTwenty2 in our Single Barrel Plant. Session Ale 3.6%, Brewers Best 3.8%, IPA 4.4%, American Pale5.3% and our House Stout 4.4%. These beers are brewed exclusively for sale at NumberTwenty2.

ABV 3.8%

White Boar

WHITE BOAR.3.8% Brewed using the finest Maris Otter Pale Malt: this refreshing Pale Ale was one of the first of its kind in 1992. Northdown and Cascade Hops give the beer it’s refreshing, lingering after taste.

ABV 4.8%

Old Raby

A Dark Old Ale Rich in colour with Hoppy finish.

ABV 4.2%

Bull Premium

A more traditional Bitter, Dark Chestnut in Colour with a Full Malty flavour.

ABV 4.3%

Zetland Pale

This Pale Ale is “Gluten Free”. A Stronger Pale Ale.